Cloud Consulting

The distributed nature of clouds makes it tricky working with them. Confidence in architectures and designs has my highest priority. Manageability is essential. Keeping mental workload low for everyday tasks leads the way towards headroom and innovation. The cloud will do the rest for you.

  • I work for your customers (I may have to take their side at times)
  • No such code is not a supplier. Partnership is key
  • I design Cloud Architectures (I am certified by Google Cloud)
  • Programming custom solutions in Go and Python is my strength
  • I verify distributed designs
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This is me, Raphael Sprenger. Raised in Hamburg, the so called "gateway to the world". I went to Ghana for one year right after my high school graduation. In Frankfurt am Main I studied and graduated in Information Science and Electrical Engineering. For more than a decade I have been involved in professional IT work. In 2016 I founded my Cloud Agency.

Photo by Niels Kehl on Unsplash


I consulted leading companies in global 24/7 operations, for example the German Air Traffic Control and METRONOM.

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I bill at 80€ to 90€ per hour. You can also request per-project rates. I prefer working remotely but I am more than happy to visit you on-site for ramp-up and in-between meetings. Not-for-profit organizations can qualify for a discount.

Let's talk

I don't give answers... unless I can explore your questions. You can use the contacts hereafter to get in touch.